On November 6th, 2012, voters of Los Angeles County passed Measure B, an ill-conceived law that makes it mandatory for adult actors to wear lab coats, goggles and gloves as well as condoms while shooting adult films in the County. The law was funded solely by AHF which spent an estimated $6 million to get the issue on the ballot and passed — outspending the No on B campaign six-to-one — and now AHF is trying to take this dangerous and expensive law statewide.

All of the major LA newspapers and 44 Chambers of Commerce and business organizations opposed the measure. Moreover no other AIDS organizations signed on with AHF to support the measure. The adult industry has launched a legal challenge to the law suing the County in the hopes that this unnecessary, unconstitutional law will be overturned. Already, adult production companies are shooting outside of LA County and are considering permanent relocation depending on the outcome of the legal challenge.

In LA County alone, between June 30, 2008 and June 30 2011 – 6,447 new cases of HIV were reported (California Department of Public Health). Of the 6,447, two were adult entertainment performers. Both of those performers contracted HIV off-set and no transmission of HIV occurred during that time period on set. In fact, NO transmissions of HIV have occurred on an adult set since 2004….NATIONWIDE!

Tragically, this law will not only waste taxpayer dollars and compromise the effective performer health protocols already in place, but also compromise funding for critical HIV programs by diverting program funds to create an unnecessary condom-police bureaucracy. Additionally, this regulation would force an industry vital to the Valley and to California’s economy out of the area.

The adult industry has filed suit to fight this law in court — we need your help — this battle is righteous, but expensive. If everyone contributes we can share the burden and share the victory. Please give what you can today.